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Useful Websites of the Day 12.03.07

Posted by cayers01 on December 3, 2007

Staring at boobs prolongs life? — Next time I’m caught checking out a rack, I’m going to tell people its for my health
Foods you thought were healthy — Wouldn’t you know I was eating one of the foods when I read it.

The Perfect Shave — Very useful for scruffy men like myself

Tesla Coiled Christmas Tree — a Nerdy Christmas to everyone

Tallest Buildings of the World of Today and Yesterday — Freedom tower looks pretty cool

10 ways to stop big brother from snooping on you — If you have something to hide ??

10 ways to stop a shopping addiction — Listen up ladies !

Art of War – Read this book from top to bottom, excellent book

World’s Hardest Easiest Geometric Problems – I got pretty far but no dice. Can you solve it?

The Art of BS for writing papers – I could have used this in school.

5 Hottest Chicks on TV — I concur

Software Engineering Tips for Start-ups — Very True… not for me and my huge 100k employee company

7 Things your company’s IT Dept doesn’t want you to know — Take That Proxy’s !

Full time blogging — My Dream Job, Keep Reading People!

Foreclosure Opens Doors for Investors — If you have the cash, why not?

Flipping Houses, The Value of Remodeling — Not in this market though

Realities of being an Entrepreneur — I’m down… are you?

The Crucial 1st Year (Start Up Business) — So True

Leaving Corporate Life to Call your own shots — Good story

Setting Prices for your Small Business — Good Read

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