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I scour the internet daily looking for the most useful websites so you don’t have to.

Useful Websites of the Day 12.05.07

Posted by cayers01 on December 5, 2007

Over 40 Million Americans Can’t afford Health Care — It stinks, but is there anything we can do about it?

Daily Goodies:
10 Stocking Stuffers for$10 or Less — Cute things….or anything from

How the Heart Works – Works just like a pump

10 Excellent Online Apps for the Innovative Teacher — Who says teachers can’t use technology to their advantage? These are all very useful and should be adopted by teachers nationwide.

Top 100 Tech Innovations of all Time — Worth the LONG read

How the Internet Works (Using Tennis Balls) – Great for teaching kids or the elder generation.

All in One Security Suites: Tried and Tested – **Excellent Read** Symantec #1

Technology News:
Google Pre-Launches new iPhone Interface — Google still leads the way with excellent mobile interfaces

Venture Capitalists have fake profile pages on Facebook – Be aware people

7 Weird Products Selling on Amazon – People will buy anything these days

Gmail + chat + Aim — = Awesome. Now its easier for people to move away from AIM.

Facebook Admits Ad Service Tracks Logged Off Users – There are Spies everywhere.

Online Services for Firefox – Has a lot of potential

Life Help:
Why I (and you) Procrastinate — Ever stop to think about it?

The Best gifts are Inexpensive — For us cheap people.

Wednesday’s Stocks to Watch — Keep Watching

Does your Credit Card do this? — Read the fine print people

5 Reasons you should Invest in Foreign Markets — Good to know

Video Gaming:
10 Best Video Game Intros of All Time — Watching these will make you want to go out and buy half of them.

Bring back Sega Dreamcast – A very underrated console.

Dell Laptops for WoW fans – Video Games on a Laptop would be nice.

Top 10 Point and Click Games — Great for work hehe

If Sonic the Hedgehog was in HD — Wow… nice

Best things to do with your old Computer — Please don’t burn the house down attempting these.

Where to get video during Writers Strike — For the people with “TV Withdrawal”

10 Things to do when your ready to buy an HDTV – Don’t get suckered into buying a Vizio either

Most Expensive Photographs ever Sold – Who would spend that much on a photograph… come on ?

Pedophile’s Secret Code — Watch out for these sickos

Guarding your Social Security Number — If you’re the type who likes to tell people over the phone


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