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Useful Websites of the Day 12.05.07

Posted by cayers01 on December 5, 2007

Over 40 Million Americans Can’t afford Health Care — It stinks, but is there anything we can do about it?

Daily Goodies:
10 Stocking Stuffers for$10 or Less — Cute things….or anything from

How the Heart Works – Works just like a pump

10 Excellent Online Apps for the Innovative Teacher — Who says teachers can’t use technology to their advantage? These are all very useful and should be adopted by teachers nationwide.

Top 100 Tech Innovations of all Time — Worth the LONG read

How the Internet Works (Using Tennis Balls) – Great for teaching kids or the elder generation.

All in One Security Suites: Tried and Tested – **Excellent Read** Symantec #1

Technology News:
Google Pre-Launches new iPhone Interface — Google still leads the way with excellent mobile interfaces

Venture Capitalists have fake profile pages on Facebook – Be aware people

7 Weird Products Selling on Amazon – People will buy anything these days

Gmail + chat + Aim — = Awesome. Now its easier for people to move away from AIM.

Facebook Admits Ad Service Tracks Logged Off Users – There are Spies everywhere.

Online Services for Firefox – Has a lot of potential

Life Help:
Why I (and you) Procrastinate — Ever stop to think about it?

The Best gifts are Inexpensive — For us cheap people.

Wednesday’s Stocks to Watch — Keep Watching

Does your Credit Card do this? — Read the fine print people

5 Reasons you should Invest in Foreign Markets — Good to know

Video Gaming:
10 Best Video Game Intros of All Time — Watching these will make you want to go out and buy half of them.

Bring back Sega Dreamcast – A very underrated console.

Dell Laptops for WoW fans – Video Games on a Laptop would be nice.

Top 10 Point and Click Games — Great for work hehe

If Sonic the Hedgehog was in HD — Wow… nice

Best things to do with your old Computer — Please don’t burn the house down attempting these.

Where to get video during Writers Strike — For the people with “TV Withdrawal”

10 Things to do when your ready to buy an HDTV – Don’t get suckered into buying a Vizio either

Most Expensive Photographs ever Sold – Who would spend that much on a photograph… come on ?

Pedophile’s Secret Code — Watch out for these sickos

Guarding your Social Security Number — If you’re the type who likes to tell people over the phone

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