Useful Websites

I scour the internet daily looking for the most useful websites so you don’t have to.

Useful Websites of the Day 12.14.07

Posted by cayers01 on December 14, 2007

Email Calendar Info in Outlook 2007 — Despite what most people say, Outlook 2007 is very good and people should give it a chance. The calendar feature is my favorite (even though I use Google).

Top 10 Hottest Women in Tech [Part 2] — Becuase we all loved part 1 … sooo hot

Life Help:
Spice up your workspace — I don’t have a cubicle but I am still taking some of these hints. #3 is classy!

8 Tips to Create a day to Recharge your Motivation — we all need some tips on motivation these days

How to not overspend on your Christmas shopping — I did these and I kept my budget to 1 weeks pay for many people.

Sci fi for people who don’t like Sci fi –From this list I recommend Brave New World. Aldous Huxley predicted cloning in the 50’s. Smart guy.

Video Games:
Worst Box Art of 2007 — It looks like a child drew these. The last few are funny.

Top 10 Astronomy Pictures of 2007 — Very cool to see… Especially #2 about the sun

Why Harvard Costs so much? –Good article on how Universities are crooks. They raise their tuition and the government picks up the difference.


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