Useful Websites

I scour the internet daily looking for the most useful websites so you don’t have to.

Useful Websites of the Day 1.04.08

Posted by cayers01 on January 4, 2008

Google Adsense Tips — For people wanting to make some profit on their site.

68 Linux Free E-Books**Most Useful Link of the Day** Good Tutorials and information here

Free Computer Programming Courses Online — Such valuable information is given out so freely these days.

55 Free Photoshop Tutorials — Hard to navigate with only pictures, but another great site for free information

Best Careers in 2008 — If your looking for a career change then hop on these band wagons.

Accounting Basics for a Freelancer — Everybody should know how the books work.

Life Help:
8 Benefits of Red Wine — Drink On, people!

50 Simple Ways to be Romantic — Are you currently in the doghouse, then this article is for you.

Digg-like site for music — Great way to learn about new bands and promote your own


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