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Useful Websites of the Day 1.14.08

Posted by cayers01 on January 14, 2008

Get Lifehacker Specific Feeds — Eliminate the garbage you don’t want from the excellent site we have all come to know and love

How Google Engineers Spend their Time — I want to work there. They have a “campus” in NYC!

No More Hard Drive — The revolution has begun

Automate your Personal Finances — A good help guide to those who are in some financial trouble

Boosting your Home’s Values in a Down Market — Don’t just sit and wait people… do something

4 Tax Changes you need to know about — *WARNING* may be very useful but boring at the same time

Life Help:
37 Stress Management Tips — Relax People! and read this

2504 Steps to Closing your Facebook Account — I don’t care if there are 10,000 steps, I still can’t delete mine. Do I have a problem?

Can Looks Determine a Successful CEO? — Sorry Fuglies


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