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I scour the internet daily looking for the most useful websites so you don’t have to.

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Useful Websites of the Day 1.04.08

Posted by cayers01 on January 4, 2008

Google Adsense Tips — For people wanting to make some profit on their site.

68 Linux Free E-Books**Most Useful Link of the Day** Good Tutorials and information here

Free Computer Programming Courses Online — Such valuable information is given out so freely these days.

55 Free Photoshop Tutorials — Hard to navigate with only pictures, but another great site for free information

Best Careers in 2008 — If your looking for a career change then hop on these band wagons.

Accounting Basics for a Freelancer — Everybody should know how the books work.

Life Help:
8 Benefits of Red Wine — Drink On, people!

50 Simple Ways to be Romantic — Are you currently in the doghouse, then this article is for you.

Digg-like site for music — Great way to learn about new bands and promote your own


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Useful Websites of the Day 1.02.08

Posted by cayers01 on January 2, 2008

How to become a Gmail Jedi Master – Know all the great features of Gmail (if you don’t already)

5 Most Annoying Programs on your PC — Hit it RIGHT ON THE MONEY. So True!

5 Packs to Transform Windows to another OS — If it really means that much to you, then this site can help.

Optimus Maximus Keyboard — Take your keyboard to the next level

50 Best Sites of 2007 — Bookmark these people!

Web 2.0 Companies we can’t live without**Most Useful Link of the Day** Excellent read for people who want to be using the best web apps

Life Help:
Free Apps to Manage your Resolutions – Very useful

45 Things you could learn Online for FREE — If you got time, then why not… right?

Video Games:
Top 10 Games of 2007 — I want to leave work now to play them all after reading this.

Dreaming: Essential to our survival — Learn a few things you didn’t know about dreams.

Language of Cube Farm — Terms cube junkies need to know

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Useful Websites of the Day 12.30.07

Posted by cayers01 on December 30, 2007

Ok I lied and couldn’t wait until Monday to post so here it is 🙂

Top 10 Torrent Sites — I would switch 1 and 2 but still a good list

Top 10 Best Gadget Ads of 2007 — Some are cool

Top Web Apps & Sites of 2007 — **Most Useful Link of the Day**

Could Fedora 8 outperform Ubuntu — I believe it could

Getting started in stocks — This can be summed up in 1 word….DIVERSIFY

Preparing Parents Pockets for College Tuition — Never too early to save

Life Help:
10 Tips for a better sleep — If you have a problem with that stuff. Funny, every tip i post on here says to have more sex. hmm

Best Lifehacker Posts of the Week — Everything in 1 link

Get Rich Slowly: Best articles of 2007 — Another greatest links of a great website

Zen Habits: Best of 2007 — Once again… best of another great website

Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2007 –#1 is pretty incredible

Video Games:
Best Old School Games of 2007 — Zelda is #1 in my book

8 Tool every Ghost Hunter needs — If you watch Ghost Hunters on the Sci Fi channel, then you will love this

Death and Taxes poster — Shows where every tax dollar goes. Its kind of sad seeing how much goes to things like Social Security. Increase Defense so I can get a raise!

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Stay Tuned

Posted by cayers01 on December 29, 2007

I have been at my mother’s house the past week so time has been rather limited to post, but starting Monday there will be more useful links.

I have been stocking them up 🙂

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Useful Websites of the Day 12.22.07

Posted by cayers01 on December 22, 2007

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… Thanks for reading!

Technology Nostalgia — Wow these are old school machines

How to Travel through Time — Very odd video, but entertaining nontheless

Best Website Redesigns of 2007 — Ehh I liked about half of them… your call

Open Source Living — **Most Useful Link of the Day** Best open source apps

Top 10 Gadgets of the Year — Too flashy for me but good stuff

Life Help:
11 “Don’t Tell Your Wife” Secrets — Every man NEEDS to read this! Women could learn a lot from reading this as well, but they wouldn’t understand.

8 Ways to Boost your Career — **2nd Most Useful Link of the Day**

Video Games:
10 Most Offensive Video Games of 2007 — I want to play some of them now.

Duke Nukem Baby! — This game needs no introduction to gamers back in the day

The Best way to Borrow — If you need money then listen to these guys.

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